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The Jon Twitcherman Sketch Program streams an interactive live show every month from our apartment living room into yours on And now we’re taking our sketches to the The PIT Loft’s stage in our best-of show: a compilation of our best sketches from the past two years! Featuring Murderfist’s Holden McNeely, John Moreno, and Jared Warner, as well as Alexis Robbins, Josh Krebbs, Jeff Sproul, Carly Goodspeed and Reformed Whore’s Marie Cecile Anderson! Special guest star, stand up comedian Julia Johns, will join the mayhem! Come to be entertained and probably a little grossed out.

Check out some sketches here!

The Jon Twitcherman Sketch Program with Reformed Whores and The Perch at The Queen City Comedy Experience! 


"For years The Perch kept Charlotte entertained with the best sketch comedy on the east coast.  The Queen City comedy institution is coming back for one night!  And they are bringing with them two world class comedy acts.

The Perch

Established in 1994, The Perch was a staple of the Charlotte comedy scene, until they disbanded in 2003. Alumni have gone on to become comedians, producers, and comedy writers for television shows such as Conan O’Brien, Portlandia, Arrested Development, Drunk History, & MTV. With the exception of a few small reunion shows, The Perch hasn’t been seen or heard from in almost 15 years. Until now. The 4th greatest comedy group of all time is returning home!”

The Reformed Whores

If Dolly Parton & Flight of the Conchords got drunk and had a baby, you'd get the irreverent musical comedy duo Reformed Whores! These ladies have headlined comedy clubs and toured the country opening for musicians like "Weird Al" Yankovic and Les Claypool and have been featured on IFC, PBS, CBS and SiriusXM to name a few.

The Jon Twitcherman Sketch Program

The Jon Twitcherman Sketch Program is the world's only live-streaming sketch comedy show on Twitch. Every month we perform live comedy that varies from the absurd to political to the even more absurd. Featuring members from the New York City-based sketch comedy group Murderfist, we have been performing comedy for over a decade now, and can't wait to make our Charlotte debut!

The funniest acts from around the corner and across the country are coming together for one hilarious weekend. The Queen City Comedy Experience is more than just a festival -- it's three days chock-full of audience participation, sidesplitting stand-up, wacky improv and much, much more. If you're expecting the jokes your dad cracks on every family trip, buckle up. This is going to be one wild ride."

Ripcord FINAL.jpg
This Summer!  Chenango River Theatre! Alexis is playing Colleen in
David Lindsey'Abaire's RIPCORD!

Starring Suzan Perry of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Dori May Ganisin, Ricky DeRosa, Alexis Robbins, Bradley Michalakis,

and Chris Hatch

Directed by Drew Kahl

Shake & Bake

SHAKE AND BAKE is a chamber production of a William Shakespeare play that combines culinary and performing arts into a two-hour full-sensory experience. The audience enjoys a handcrafted 8-course menu with wine pairings that is created in front of them through the performance.

TICKETS AVAILABLE For Love's Labour's Lost in NYC, performances starting July 7, 2017


A Culinary & 

Performing Arts Experience

"It's the story Hollywood has glamorized, publicized, and bombarded us with--how it all began for the two young men, now famous for the tabloid coverage of ther on-again-off-again romances, their big budget smashes and flops, and their "Project Greenlight." It started with a script for the film that became Good Will Hunting, slaved over by the bright young dreamers (originally portrayed by the play's permier by the female playwrights) in their run-down apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1996. Or was it? This hilarious, scathing play takes us back to the pivotal moment when the finished script that would change their lives...fell from the ceiling while they were working on something else. The laughs come at a manic pace, in this delightfully venomous play that has took off-Broadway by storm."  Overlook Press

Featuring Penny Middleton as "Matt Damon" and Alexis Robbins as "Ben Affleck." Directed by John Anderson. Performances are at The PIT (123 E 24th Street). April 24th @ 9:30pm, April 26th @ 9:30pm & April 30th @ 11pm. Tickets are $5.


For your ticket purchasing consideration...
April 24th 9:30pm
April 26th 9:30pm
April 30th 11:00pm

Super excited to announce I will be working with the inspiring Everyday Inferno Theatre Company having been cast as Daisy in Punk as Fuck, as part of their Punks and Provocateurs Series! 

In PUNK AS FUCK, a world-premiere play by Michael K. White and Dianna Stark, youth, passion, and ideals collide on a fateful Friday night in 1991. It's the era of grunge, alt-rock, and 90s punk, and a garage band has gathered for a rehearsal that will end up taking them on an emotional roller coaster ride through their deepest secrets and hidden longings.  Set against a background of live music, this is a play for anyone who has ever been young, angry, and in love (and, let’s be honest, that means it’s for everyone). 

Punk as Fuck
Part of Punks & Provocateurs (two plays in rotating repertory)


The Access Theater Gallery
380 Broadway, NYC
June 4th through June 21st

Tickets $18 for one show, $20 for both


Punk as Fuck (running time: 90 minutes)
by Michael K. White & Dianna Stark
Directed by Katherine Sommer

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IN 7 DAYS!!!


Tuesday, July 7th 8pm 

The People's Improv Theatre

123 East 24th Street, NYC

Come see an all-star cast of improvisers, sketch comedians and stand ups create a brand new show in only one week.

After the show, watch improvised sketches based off of your suggestions, just like the Second City used to do!

This Month's Cast:

Mike Blejer (Boston Comedy Festival Semi-Finalist)
Meg Griffiths Anderson (Above Average)
Ben Kharakh (The Triple Crown Basement)
Neetol Rahman (We Love TV)
Alexis Robbins (Punk as Fuck)
Courtney Spiller (Vivian Delano)

Director: Micah Sherman
Director of Photography: Mark Stetson
Video Producer: Jane Kehoe
Technical Director: Christine Liz Pynn

Created by Micah Sherman.
Produced by Jane Kehoe.

So excited that I got to be part of such a delightful reading of a new children's play with The Rhapsody Collective. "Loo La Land, the Land of Loo La" by the hilarious Lindsey Sherman, directed by Michael Bradley Block, featuring Christina Cervenka, Zachary Clarence, Evelyn Dumont, George Hider, Matthew Menendez, Mary McDonnell, Sophie Moshofsky, Alexis Robbins, Sarah Robotham, and Julia Schonberg.

I'm working with Michael Bradley Block and The Rhapsody Collective again! This time it's a musical murder mystery! 


RA Confidential by Michael Bradley Block

Music and Lyrics by Andi Alhadeff,


Directed by Colleen Hughes


Featuring Jenna Conner, Kevin Donohue, Matthew Hansen, Ashley Hevey, Molly Jones, Alexis Robbins, Sarah Robotham, Julia Schonberg.

Rhapsody Collective proudly presents 

For cycle 3, the challenge for the artists was creating six new plays that all took place in the same exact room: a common room of a college dorm. Using the epic theme of heroes vs. villains as a jumping off point, we're thrilled to bring you six incredible plays!

Week 1: 
Friday, April 17th at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 18th at 7:30pm
Sunday, April 19th at 2:00pm

"RA Confidential" by Michael Bradley Block and Andi Alhadeff, directed by Colleen Hughes
"What Do I Call This?" by Sean Patrick Monahan, directed by Lindsey Sherman
"play" by devised by the Ensemble, directed by James Daniel Frost II

for WEEK 1 tickets, visit

Week 2:
Friday, April 24th at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 25th at 7:30pm
Sunday, April 26th at 7:30pm

"Boogie Club" by Gillian Beth Durkee, directed by Jonathan Taylor
"The Group" by Sasha Rivera, directed by Emily Feinstein
"Sociology 147, or Human Behavior Studies" by George Hider, directed by Nick Browne

for WEEK 2 tickets, visit

Performances will be at the incredible The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in The Lab on the 2nd Floor

Poster designed by Felicia Cooper

Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails 
By Michael Bradley Block

I will be working with the Rhapsody Collective in this mockumentary inspired, offensively hilarious comedy, which follows the outrageous America’s Goddess Pageant and the zany characters inhabiting this year’s contest. This play will be presented as part of Theater for the New City's Dream Up Festival.


I have been cast as Marjorie, the America’s Goddess coordinator from Chicago and beauty pageant connoisseur. She is sweet, optimistic, and a perfectionist with a (sometimes scary) permanent smile plastered across her face.


Theatre for the New City's Johnson Theatre

Performances are: 8/24 @ 5pm, 8/30 @ 5pm, 8/31 @ 2pm, 9/2 @ 6:30pm, and 9/5 @ 9pm

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