Production Photos

Punk as Fuck

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company

by Michael K. White & Dianna Stark

Directed by Katherine Sommer
Preston Mulligan as Case

Kisky Holwerda as Cassandra

Quinn Wise as Simon

Alexis Robbins as Daisy
Russell Sperberg as Lee

Old School Sketch Show

Photos by Hunter Peress
The People's Improv Theatre


Mike Blejer
Meg Griffiths Anderson 
Ben Kharakh
Neetol Rahman
Alexis Robbins 
Courtney Spiller 

Director: Micah Sherman

Produced by Jane Kehoe

RA Confidential
The Rhapsody Collective
by Michael Bradley
Music and Lyrics by Andi Alhadeff
Directed by Colleen Hughes
Featuring Jenna Conner, Kevin Donohue, Ashley Hevey, Molly Jones, Alexis Robbins, Sarah Robotham, Julia Schonberg, Hansen Wetsel
Pageant Tales and
Beauty Fails
by Michael Bradley Block
Directed by Tony Curtis
Theatre for the New City
Photos Courtsey of Molly O'Keefe

Samantha Algieri as Nicole,  Miss New Jersey
Heather Cadarette as Bonnie Rae, Miss Alabama
Brian Collins as Joey, Nicole's Personal Gay
Madeline Hickman as Melanie, Miss Texas
Victoria Ann Miller as Loretta, Bonnie Rae's Momma
Matthew Menendez as Terence, Pageant Coach/Stylist 
Sophie Moshofsky as Kayla, Miss California 
Alexis Robbins as Marjorie, Pageant Coordinator
Kate Villanova as Colette, Miss Louisiana 

Julia Warner as Rhiannon, Miss Utah

Ian Way as Duffy, Kayla's bf 

Jarrett Alfred Yoder as Alan Price, Pageant Host

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Access Theater
Directed by Jordan Simmons
Asst. Director/ Producer Tiffany Baker
Alexsis Balaoing, Jordan Boughrum, 

Amanda Tudor, Rebecca Davis, Whitney Kimball Long, Alexis Robbins, Liz Sklar, Emily Clare Zempel Review

Jezebel Review

NY Theatre Review

The Real Inspector Hound

by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Noel MacDuffie

Assistant Director Cameron McIntosh

Producer Adam Roebuck, Alpha NYC Theatre Company

Mario Ramos as Moon

Joshua Ryan as Birdboot

Jami-Lea Cook as Mrs. Drudge

Alexis Robbins as Felicity

Jennifer Breslin as Cynthia

Jordan Brown as Simon

Larry Gutman as Magnus

Samuel Shurtleff as The Hound


The Kentucky Goblin Siege

Written by Jeff Sproul 
Directed by Lindsey Moore

The Kraine Theatre

Featuring: Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez,

Jesse Bernath, Sabrina Farhi, Jeremy Mather, Michele McNally, Mike Quirk, Alexis Robbins,

Jeff Sproul, Christine Sullivan

& D. Robert Wolcheck,

with Elizabeth Dapo, Ryan-Michele Healey,

& Lisa Nussbaum

All photos Darren Kaminsky

Work: A Play

Under Saint Mark's

Stage Director: Lindsey Moore

Written by: Jeremy Mather,

Lindsey Moore, & Jeff Sproul 

with Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Michele McNally,

& D. Robert Wolcheck

CAST: Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Sabrina Farhi,

Jeremy Mather, Michele McNally,

Alexis Robbins, Jeff Sproul,

& D. Robert Wolcheck

All photos Darren Kaminsky

SPACE CAPTAIN: Captain of Space

Written by Jeff Sproul
Directed by Lindsey Moore Sproul
Video Design & Production by Jeremy Mather 

The Kraine Theatre

CAST: Matthew Wise, Alicia Barnatchez, Jared Warner, Jeremy Mather, Jeff Sproul, Mike Wirsch, 

Matt Sears, Michele McNally, 

Sabrina Farhi, Jeremy Banks, 

Jesse Bernath, D. Robert Wolcheck, 

Sean Williams, Timothy Mather, 

Nicolas Marti, Alexis Robbins, 

Meredith Hackett, Ryan Michele Healey, Alec Knox, Ruby Rinekso,

Mark Stochmal, Jeff Woods, 

& Fish the cat



Written by Gabrielle Fox

Directed by Emily Antenucci

The Looking Glass Theatre

Featuring Michele O’Brien &

Alexis Robbins 

The Trojan Women

by Euripides

Directed by Sarah Chichester

Produced by James Jennings

American Theatre of Actors

Starring: Camilla Skoglie, 

Jessica Lynn Jennings 

Alexis Robbins, Emily Kugel, Fernando Gamarra, Harry Kerns, Sarah A Schlesinger, Erin King, Lisa M Alberty 

The Beaux' Stratagem

By George Farquhar, adapted by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Geoffrey Kirshner

Theatre Jacksonville

Starring: Tracy Olin, Sommer Farhat, Alexis Robbins, Ryan Feyk, Joe Walz, Sandy Spurney, Geoffrey King, Fred Gatlin, Zdravko Rozic, Andrew Dickson


A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Geoffrey Kershner

Theatre Jacksonville

Starring: Geoffrey King, Sandy Spurney, Amy Noel Johnson, Megan English, Alexis Robbins, Jeremie Cook, Jennifer Gagnon, Garry Burgoyne, Seth Langner, Alex Palmer, Victoria Leone, Zack Bass, Scott J. Smith, Neal Thorburn, Chris Dickinson, Larry Knight, Shani Harper


Loo La Land, the Land of Loo La

The Rhapsody Collective

by Lindsey Sherman,

Directed by Michael Bradley Block

Featuring Christina Cervenka, Zachary Clarence, Evelyn Dumont, George Hider, Matthew Menendez, Mary McDonnell, Sophie Moshofsky, Alexis Robbins, Sarah Robotham, and Julia Schonberg

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